What makes us stand out

How does working at Strix look like? Thanks to unique work culture, we have created a space that not only attracts great employees but is also a forge of real talents! Check how cool we are!

Check what makes us stand out!

People are awesome

We want you to find out what it's like to work for us and most of all - what people make Strix. And our employees are people with many passions, believe us. Acting, singing, mountain running, long journeys, playing bassoon, guitar and violin? We have everything here! We don't forget about the children. We create a space for them to play and integrate together by organizing family picnics, Santa Claus parties, etc. See what we do to make Strix a great place to work.

We are open minded

For us being open means a lot - it means opening to new ideas, new challenges, but also to criticism, to failure. It is a need to support colleagues, improve projects, not looking for shortcuts. It's a working out of good things together.

Together we can do better

The success of the projects depends largely on how well teams work together. We strongly believe in developing teamwork skills - this is the only way to achieve great results. At Strix, the squad composition is fixed and dedicated to specific customers. That is why we care about good communication and the atmosphere inside the team. See what a great effect the collaborative construction of the Goldberg machine has brought! 


We do our best

The proactive attitude of our employees is what we enjoy most. Taking the initiative, finding the best solutions, asking questions is something we value most at Strix. Each employee gets an annual budget to be used for self-development - training, conferences or courses. Thanks to such training, numerous of our employees have obtained certificates - both in the field of business and technical competence. Investment in growth always pays off - that’s why we win awards in prestigious competitions!

Thinking of joining Strix?

If you think Strix will be the perfect place for you to work, we'd love to see you on board. Let us know and send us your CV.

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