Celebrate Christmas time, come on!

Apparently, everyone this year has been good and deserved Christmas presents. In the middle of December, we organized our company Christmas Eve - there were dumplings, fish, borscht and several kinds of cakes. We summed up the whole year and talked about our plans for the future - and the future will be bright, you'll see!

The end of the year is a very special time in business. On the one hand, the pace slows down a bit, and the Christmas climate affects everyone. It is also a time to summarize what has been successful and what has not. By the way, if someone tells you that the whole year was just a success story - don't believe him :-)

Of course, Strix's Christmas Eve is mainly to thank ourselves for the time we spent together - the good moments (there were many, many more), and the worse ones. But most of all it's about integration, there were a lot of new employees this year, and they should be welcomed properly, right?

2019 - you were great. 2020 - bring it on!

Yeah, yeah, we have a lot more pictures from the Christmas party. You can see them on our Facebook profile.