With kids is never boring

Kids are great! We do not forget about the children of our employees, so we organize events for them several times a year.

What better way to take advantage of a sunny day than with a picnic? On June Saturday we organized a family picnic for Strix employees and their families in Jordan's Park in Krakow. Thanks to the experienced team of animators, the kids did not complain about boredom for a moment. And parents could rest from their parental responsibilities for a while and lie down on deckchairs with cocktails in their hands.

In today’s busy and active world, quality time with family is often overlooked, but picnics can be helpful in making up for some of this lost time. Spending more time outdoors improves health (true!). The stress that builds up during the workweek can be, at times, overwhelming. And sun and fresh air is always the best answer!

What can you do with thirty children?

A lot! Fun games and little competitions are great ways to keep children occupied while engaging with the family. Summer days and warm weather practically beg for an outdoor gathering and sports activities.

Our animators did a great job! And the summer picnic will certainly be repeated every year!

See the gallery from the picnic on our Facebook page.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet the families of my colleagues, and my son to play with his peers. I had a really great time. It is rare to meet a company that cares not only about the employee but also about his or her family. Luckily there is Strix :-)

Karolina, PR Manager