Is 2021 the year of the PIM system in the e-commerce?

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the pace of change in the world - no one can deny that. The digital revolution we've seen unfold over the past decade or so is a reality today. Pandemic means also a huge growth of e-commerce - and there is no indication that this fast car is going to stop. The adaptation of enterprises to new conditions is a must in order to stay in a competitive environment.  How can a PIM system help with this?

One of the main problems in the transformation turns out to be the lack or low quality of product data, without which it is impossible to provide customers with a proper shopping experience. The expansion of e-commerce also means more players in the market and a lot more data to manage. This also translates to the need for a tool that is a central source of data for the organization across all business channels. It turns out that PIM systems are an essential piece of the puzzle to deliver growth for businesses in 2021.  

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