Why does your e-commerce need a PIM system?

Product information management for many employees in the e-commerce industry is a nightmare. Every day, they have to add a huge amount of data, check if they are correct and eliminate errors. Functional PIM system is a tool that not only improves their work but also has an impact on building a positive customer shopping experience, which increases sales.

Who should use PIM?

Using PIM will bring benefits to large e-commerce entities, distributors, manufacturers and companies offering many sales channels. In fact, the larger a product catalog is, the sooner you should consider implementing a PIM system to avoid exposition to errors, repetitions, and inconsistencies in the product information.

Companies are facing some problems with product information. They work in a chaotic environment, where the amount and incompleteness of information is a huge issue. The solution for these problems is a PIM system, which improves and optimizes the work on product information.

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