New Magezine issue just landed!

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Woman's edition

There it is! Still warm, straight from the printing house! We are happy to introduce you to the third issue of Magezine. This edition is unique - because it is created by female authors only. Our authors are women with passion, vision and huge knowledge. We are glad that on our pages they can share their experience and thoughts with you. And because March is a special month, there is no better time for a premiere of this issue.

We encourage you to read it - you can download the PDF version today for free at

What's inside?

  • GraphQL, PWA and the world of Software Architectures – from a front-end point of view
  • Keeping your Magento store safe
  • Voice solution must be powered by PWA to make a differences
  • Behind the biggest PWA store in the world. Interview with Aleksandra Kirjusina
  • If only we had brain-to-brain connections
  • Women & IT the perfect match? Interview with Sherrie Rohde


Aleksandra Kirjusina, Anna Karoń, Anna Völkl, Antonija Tadic, Carmen Bremen, Ewelina Kądzielawa, Gosia Rusin, Jamie Maria Schouren, Kaja Grzybowska, Marsha Naidoo, Michele Miller, Sherrie Rohde, Sonja Franz & girls from the Magezine team.

"Women contribute to the Magento ecosystem in the same way as men. Their strenghts and weakness are present just as the strenghts and weaknesses of men are present. (…) we need a variety of backgrounds and perspectives to make this ecosystem successful". 

Magento Community Manager at Adobe