Castorama in TOP 5 stores with convenient search engines

Our client - Castorama Poland - is on the TOP 5 list of stores with convenient search engines. This is all thanks to our implementation of the SearchNode tool, which provides website users with quick and accurate answers to their questions.

ecommerce search engine

Better product search

For we implemented SearchNode search engine, which was appreciated by the authors of the report "Comfortable search engines in e-commerce". also won the first place in the category of shops serving the largest variety of inquiries, meeting as much as 90% of the audit criteria. We are pleased with this exceptional cooperation, which has brought such great results.

Advantages of SearchNode

SearchNode is a search engine that provides users of the service with fast and accurate answers to their questions. Application of this solution allows to increase the positive purchasing experience of consumers.

We invite you to read the case study from the implementation: Castorama Poland improved the quality of online product search.

Search engines in e-commerce

The report "Comfortable search engines in e-commerce" aimed at presenting the usability of search engines and promoting good design patterns. The study analysed search engines in selected 50 e-commerce websites, including 25 Polish and 25 European.

Read the full report here: Comfortable search engines in e-commerce (polish version)