Our Front-end Devs held the Nuxt.js workshops on the DevMeetings

On February 8th, 2020 our Front-end Developers - Tomasz Strózik and Artur Krasiński - held a one-day workshop on Nuxt.js basics on the DevMeetings in Krakow.

What's behind this initiative?

DevMeeting is a mix of hackathon and programming workshops. The content is supervised by experienced mentors. The group of Krakow mentors includes Tomek and Artur. We're glad that we have such talented people on the board!

The workshop was aimed at people familiar with JavaScript (Vue.js + Node.js basics) who wanted to learn how to build applications combining the classic approach of creating websites (generating HTML on the server side) with Single Page Applications (SPA) in a fast and pleasant way.

The workshop plans included such issues as: 

  • introduction to an application based on Nuxt.js,
  • getting familiar with the application structure and routing,
  • data downloading and SEO support,
  • Application status management (Vuex implementation).

More about DevMeetings can be found here.

About the speakers

Tomek Strózik - Front-end Developer at Strix He has 5 years of front-end development experience. He is a certified Magento Front-end Developer who strongly believes, that sharing knowledge is the best way of learning. In Strix, he took part in several projects including e-commerce storefronts, PWA and internal products built on top of Magento, Vue.js and Nuxt.js. Currently, he works on improving storefronts using modern JavaScript, GraphQL and Flux architecture.

Artur Krasiński - Senior Front-end Developer at Strix. For over 4 years he has been working in one of the largest companies offering e-commerce implementations in Poland. He is a certified Magento Developer. He supervises the work of several developers in the implementation team.