Strix implements Shopware 6 for

We started with the first project launched on Shopware 6 for The implementation of e-commerce system was supervised by our team of developers, UX-designers and project managers.

Implementation of Shopware

The Shopware e-commerce platform allows merchants to enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom in the development of the online store. That's why we proposed this solution for our new client, the Amisell brand, which joined us in September 2019. The Shopware 6 platform is based on proven and latest technologies such as the Symfony and Vue.js PHP framework. It is flexible, efficient and programmer-friendly system architecture. From the point of view of online store owners, Showare allows, among other things, to create a high-quality customer experience in an online store and allows to manage all sales channels from one place (omnichannel). 

As a result of our cooperation with Amisell brand, a new store design was created, which can be seen here:


  • Installation of Shopware 6 Professional Edition
  • System configuration for Polish and PLN currency
  • Adapting the Caprice Responsive Theme template for brand branding 
  • Implementation of Blue Media electronic payment module under Shopware 6 

The implementation of the project was quite a challenge both for the team and for the whole company. However, our developers showed great knowledge of Shopware 6 - the time and energy spent on obtaining Shopware Developer certificates was a good investment in our case.

Ewelina Kądzielawa, Head of Project Management, Strix

About Shopware

Shopware is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms. Strix is the official partner of Shopware in Poland with Enterprise status. 

About Amisell

Amisell internet perfumery offers a wide range of unique and niche fragrances for women, men and even children.