Online shop logistic - our expert in "E-commerce in practice" magazine

Delivery and returns in e-commerce - how to do it right? This question is answered by our project manager - Katarzyna Sokół-Borek - in the latest issue of E-commerce in practice

Katarzyna shows not only that she manages the team very well, but also willingly shares her knowledge and professional experience with others.

In her article "Delivery and returns - an effective weapon in the fight for the customer" she writes, among others, about:

  • what good practices are worth following when creating your delivery and return policy
  • why it is good to put the delivery information in the footer of the e-shop and better not to do it in banners
  • why it is worth making it possible to order products as a gift 

You can read the article about delivery and returns in the latest issue of E-commerce in practice 1(8) 2020 (only in polish).

Online shop logistics

Katarzyna Sokol-Borek - e-commerce project manager in Strix; responsible for strategy planning, implementation and running e-commerce projects e.g. Tous brand in Poland and the Czech Republic, which was in the final of The Imagine Excelence Awards in Las Vegas in 2019 in the omnichannel experience category.