New e-book: tips for FMCG producers during the COVID-19 epidemic

When consumers' lives change due to the coronavirus epidemic around the world, their buying and purchasing decisions also are changing. FMCG manufacturers must ask themselves, how can they use this situation to reap the benefits for business? 

Change in consumer behavior

In March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of many stationery stores in Poland, compared to February, sales of FMCG goods on the Internet increased. The largest increase was recorded in the sale of e-cigarettes, household detergents, and food products (according to Statista data).
We also see the consequences of these increases in Strix. In the current situation, many FMCG manufacturers contact us, because they want to quickly implement e-commerce. Social isolation meant that consumers are more likely to choose online shopping, and companies that have not yet had their own stores want to seize this opportunity. FMCG is just a sector where we quickly observed increases because it is products in this category that are the first to be sought by people during an epidemic. 

We have noticed a great need for knowledge about what FMCG producers can do in a short time to currently strengthen their online sales. Therefore, together with our team, we have prepared a short guide for manufacturers with a set of tips that can be used during the crisis associated with COVID-19.

Borys Skraba, CEO Strix

Free e-book for FMCG producers

Want to know more about how to use e-commerce in the FMCG industry? Download the e-book and get specific tips for producers in the age of coronavirus.

From the guide you will learn, among others:

  • how to present your products online to sell more
  • why e-merchandising is crucial for online sales of FMCG products
  • why you should invest in B2C / B2B e-commerce

Download the e-book here (only Polish version): Wskazówki dla producentów FMCG w czasach pandemii.