Customized Magento implementation for Bemondi furniture store

Preparation of a new e-commerce system for Bemondi online store based on Magento 2 Open Source and modules tailored to the client's business needs.

magento implementation

Brand story

Bemondi is a furniture store offering modern office and home furnishings. In April 2020 we launched an e-commerce system based on Magento 2 Open Source for this manufacturer. Currently, the shop operates in the Polish language version, but soon our client will start selling online also in other countries (Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), thanks to the next language versions.


Creating a new e-commerce system based on Magento 2 Open Source, which will allow for effective online sales in many markets. The Bemondi brand is guided by an individual approach to each client, which also required the preparation of unique functions that would allow efficient and effective order management in the online store.


  • Implementation of Magento 2 Open Source
  • Integration with the ERP Enova system
  • Integration with the Zoho CRM system
  • Preparation of 4 language versions of the site
  • Creation of dedicated modules for order management and editing
  • Preparation of the UX store design
magento implementation

Sales in many markets

New Bemondi e-commerce website has been prepared in 4 languages ​​- Polish, Czech, German and Slovak. All language versions are properly configured for currencies or tax systems, which allows for trouble-free sales in many markets. An additional function that we used for the customer was the ability to place orders when the user buys a product from the store in Polish, and is currently in another country and chooses delivery abroad. The user can then contact the store, and the service has the ability to place such an order from the administrative panel using a specially prepared module. 

Managing multiple warehouses

Another element of cooperation with Bemondi was matching Magento Inventory (MSI) to the customer inventory management scheme. Bemondi uses two product warehouses - stationary warehouses and dynamic warehouses in the form of containers flowing on ships. In practice, this means that the delivery time for products from ships is different from that for orders directly from a stationary warehouse. Specially for the client we have prepared a module that allows to mark products in terms of which type of warehouse they are in. Thanks to this, current information appears on the store's website that a specific product can be ordered by the user, but will be available only for a limited time.

Flexible edition of orders

A characteristic feature of sales in Bemondi is that the company approaches each customer individually. For this reason, one of the brand's needs was the ability to edit the order in the system, after the user has placed it. A module is used for this purpose, which allows you edit the order until the product is released from the warehouse. For example, if a salesperson wants to discount the customer or offers free delivery after the user has placed the order, he can edit it in the system. In this situation, it was also necessary to properly integrate with the ERP system and create appropriate attributes to automatically update the order. 

Order separation

Users in the Bemondi store can order a bed and a mattress at the same time. In practice, however, the mattress is not always available in stock. Therefore, the client needed a solution that would allow him to customize the ordering of beds and mattresses. To fill this need, we have prepared the option of order separation. When information about such a purchase appears in the system, the service enters the panel and if the mattress is out of stock, it can easily divide the user's order.

Magento Simple Products in a unique setting

As part of the Bemondi project, we have improved the work with furniture variants as part of Simple Magento Products. Our client wanted to harmonize the range presented on the store's website so that the option of choosing another variant of a given piece of furniture was visible at the same time. The solutions we introduced allow for displaying on the product category card or product listing different variants of the same product, e.g. a sofa in 3 types of material colors. After clicking on the selected color, the photo of the product changes and the user can easily move to the product's card to make a purchase. The whole from the point of view of the Magento administration panel is operated as part of Simple Products. Importantly, we have also adapted the product cards to SEO, so that each variant has a separate URL and the ability to add unique descriptions - thanks to this Bemondi store can be better positioned in the search engine. We have also added the option of adding related products to Simple Products - in this way the user can directly add an assortment to the basket from one product card, e.g. in the case of a bed, it will be a matched mattress. 

UX design and Mega Menu

For the client we have prepared a new store design fully adapted to desktop and mobile. As part of the online store project for Bemondi, we have also prepared a dedicated module - Mega Menu. Thanks to it, menu operation is simple, intuitive and Menu is visually attractive to the user. In addition to the standard features found in the classic Menu, such as adding a link with a product category, in the Mega Menu you can add photos, videos, subcategories or other forms of content that encourage users to buy. The Mega Menu is independent of the native category tree in Magento. Both of these elements work together, but Mega Menu allows you to display completely different content and in a different form than what is configured in the category tree.

Adaptation to SEO

One of the important stages in the preparation of a new e-commerce website for Bemondi was the optimization of the website in terms of SEO. Native Magento functions do not allow the creation of extensive structured data in accordance with the guidelines. Structured data is a standard format for sharing information about a site and classifying its content. For this reason, we have prepared a special module for the customer that will help Google search to recognize the content on the page. Adding structured data to the store's website allows the search engine to clearly define the meaning of the content, e.g. on the product card. Thanks to this, the online store can position itself better in search results, and thus attract new customers.

magento implementation

As part of the project for Bemondi we have prepared many customized solutions tailored to the business needs of the client. A big challenge was to match Magento Inventory to the handling of warehouses flowing on containers. Even so, the implementation of the store for Bemondi went extremely smoothly, I wish I could have done it all!

Katarzyna Sokół-Borek, Project Manager at Strix

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